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Massive Damage Adventures

It’s always marvellous to have a chat about my work as an RPG narrative designer and I joined the splendid Meric Moir from Massive Damage Adventures for an extended Q&A where we discuss the forthcoming release of Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20. We cover all kinds of material including the factions, lore, and much much more in […]

League of Cthulhu #1 – In conversation with David J Rodger

The appeal of Call of Cthulhu and the worlds of Lovecraft has never been stronger. Everywhere you seem to look nowadays there’s Cthulhu masks, Cthulhu cakes and even Cthulhu Cosplay (loving those tentacles ladies). You name it, someone’s invoking it and slapping Cthulhu’s name all over it. Cthulhu-based fiction continues to run rampant and grows […]

Farewell Iain M

Double tough viewing and reading this week, following the recent death of SF and literary legend Iain M Banks (I’ll always append the M). There was a particularly decent and poignant interview in The Guardian over the weekend, displaying all the man’s wit, macabre humour and humanity. Tonight also sees the first broadcast of Raw […]