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League of Cthulhu #2 – David J Rodger part two

So it’s been a little while since part one of this interview with the admirable David J Rodger first aired (over a month if the ol’ chronometer remains anchored in the right dimension) and I can only apologise for that. Dayjob has been extremely busy (who’d have guessed with two console launches coming up) and […]

League of Cthulhu #1 – In conversation with David J Rodger

The appeal of Call of Cthulhu and the worlds of Lovecraft has never been stronger. Everywhere you seem to look nowadays there’s Cthulhu masks, Cthulhu cakes and even Cthulhu Cosplay (loving those tentacles ladies). You name it, someone’s invoking it and slapping Cthulhu’s name all over it. Cthulhu-based fiction continues to run rampant and grows […]