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Before the Flood in print! + Read a FREE sample for yourself

It’s been quite the 2016, and despite the wider notes of resounding despair and impending apocalypse, it’s ended on something of a personal high. I did my first gig in about 25 years (solo, singing with guitar, rather than just playing as in the old Zookeepers of Deviancy days) and finally have managed to get […]

Before the Flood – finished and cover reveal!

  Well that took a bit longer than I was expecting, but finally … finally Before the Flood is complete and the cover is ready to be revealed. As always, it’s a fantastic piece from Spanish artist Borja Pindado, whose covers have adorned all the previous books in my Seraph series. I must say I […]


Bless me Father, it’s been months since my last confess…. I mean blog post. Time has indeed not so much flown as soared, but it’s been a productive period, although not strictly in a fictional sense. Well, I say that, but I’ve managed to crank out a new short sci-fi story Tolerance, for a collection […]

Before the Flood, Mon Dieu and more!

And relax … well once again, best laid plans have gone, as the poet once delicately put it ‘agly’ and I find it’s been a few months since I last updated the site. But my sword has not slept idly in the meanwhile and ‘events dear boy, events’ have kept me most occupied as we’ve […]

Before the Flood – Dark Tales – The Crystal Void

Ack, best laid plans and all that, but I see once again it’s a couple of months since I’ve done the whole blog update thing… Bugger, I meant to be a lot quicker than that, but it has indeed been busy times. First up, Seraph adventure #4 entitled Before the Flood is finally finished in […]

Review: The Good War by Studs Terkel

So having a look at his little blog o’ mine, I’ve sort of realised I can’t keep doing updates on what is essentially a quite tedious process (writing). Well a tedious process to read about anyway. Word counts grow, plot and characters expand, but essentially repeating, ‘oh, I’ve done some more stuff, it’s now up […]