Four books in one day

‘Release four books on one day? You must be deranged,’ the demon of doubt who occasionally takes up residence on my left shoulder ventured.
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‘Of course I am,’ I replied. ‘Professionally so, I’m a writer.’

So after a noticeable absence of a few months, I’m finally ready to unleash not one, not two, not even three, but four new books; two new tales and two new editions in what I’m terming the ‘acclaimed mysterious Mister Seraph series’ are now finally available to read on Kindle, Kindle devices, iPad, iPhone, smartphones and all android devices (all via the free Kindle App).

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The Trellborg Monstrosities, originally published by Modiphius, The Crystal Void, Tomb of the Aeons and Tales of the White Witchman: The Seraph Chronicles Volume One (the omnibus edition of all three) are the first three books in the series, featuring the mysterious Mister Seraph, seer, witchman, sorcerer and implacable opponent of dread Cthulhu and his minions throughout the ages.

My official quote says: “Fans have long been clamouring for new Seraph adventures and I’m delighted to be able to release this new collection on Kindle. They are a must read if you like dark tales of action, historical adventure and horror – doubly so if you’re a Cthulhu fanatic.”

But looking back now, I find they’re quite difficult to categorise, as they mix fantasy, action adventure, historical and military fiction and the horrors of the Cthulhu mythos, That covers quite a few bases, but I hope they’re an entertaining and intelligent read, I guess you’ll let me know about that one.

Won’t lie, it has been a monumental effort, blood sweated, tears shed, fist shaking rage directed at the wilder vagaries of Amazon’s KDP service, which promptly reacted to their publication by going offline (are those facts related ? I leave it you to decide).

The awesome cover art is by the equally awesome Borja Pindado whose fantastic illustrative art has brought Seraph to life in vivid and spectacular detail – huge thanks to him and also Mark Mitchell the Grey Falcon, for his sterling cover design, typography and expert illustrator’s eye. There’s a bunch of other fine people to thank too and you’ll find them named within the covers.

So that’s it for now apart from a few more details and plot summaries to tell you what they’re about below. I’m off for a lie down in a darkened room and a supply of suitably potent medication which I intend to self administer with successive button presses.

More musings soon.

The Trellborg Monstrosities was previously published by Modiphius as part of its award winning Achtung! Cthulhu series and is available for the first time on Kindle in a brand new edition with artwork by Borja Pindado. The year is 1943 and as an ancient evil stirs in remote Norway, British special forces are dispatched to counter this new Nazi threat. But is their mysterious civilian adviser Mr Seraph, pursuing some dark agenda of his own?

The Crystal Void is published for the very first time, being the first Mon Dieu! Cthulhu adventure set during 1810, the height of the Napoleonic wars. Major Seraph teams up with the dashing if rather dim French Hussar Gaston d’Bois to rescue his fragrant fiancée Odette. But can the duo foil the evil machinations of the Marquis Da Foz, defeat his loathsome underwater allies and prevent the opening of the fearsome crystal void?

Tomb of the Aeons debuts for the very first time. A lost German tank crew stumble upon a strange temple complex in the heart of the desert during Rommel’s great offensive in 1941. Finding themselves trapped in the unholy ziggurats, their only hope is their strange guide and fellow captive, Captain Seraph. Can they defeat this charnel house’s newly awoken ophidian inhabitants and survive the horror lurking at the heart of this tomb of the aeons?

The Seraph Chronicles Volume One: Tales of the White Witchman
The omnibus edition consists of three books in one collector’s edition and features a brand new introduction to the series by the author.

Review copies available on request, author John Houlihan is also available for interview on request, please contact

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