Internet says nice things … world ceases to revolve

Ahem, a spot of shameless self promotion now, huzzah. Well people have been saying nice things on the internet and that’s a rare enough thing, never mind when it’s about something you’ve written. So hurrah for that.

Actually, there’s been some really nice mentions and plugs from a variety of people in the gaming and RPG community and I thank you all for giving Trellborg your kindest thoughts.

Having laboured away on proof read after proof read and revision after revision, it’s splendid to think that it’s not only finally in people’s hands now, but they’re actually enjoying it.

Anyway here’s a small selection of the generous ones I’ve found so far. So either I’m really great (unlikely) or people are a lot more munificent than you’d think. Anyway thank you all…

“Houlihan has captured the essence of the Arctic environment and injected a chill that goes deeper than ice. Steeped in ancient Norse mythology and the cruel arrogance of the Nazi ideology, this is a satisfying journey into the snow-dusted lap of absent gods. Cthulhu Mythos wrapped in diesel rags, Scandinavian style.” David J Rodger author of The Black Lake, Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur –

“What I was struck by as I read through the module was how easily the adventure could be migrated to other systems, genres, and setting. For me, that’s the sign of the brilliance of the story – that potential portability across time and space for some creative GM to scare the crud out of an unsuspecting group of players.” Fitz – Game Knight

“The characters were great and felt real and despite the fantastic that was happening around them it never felt forced or fake. The author did a great job creating interesting characters and situations. This felt like it could have been a great episode of the X-Files:1944” Matt Jackson – Lapsus Calumni

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