‘So many dark, exciting possibilities’ – a monstrous Interview with John Houlihan

FPWell things gather apace and as well as some splendid initial reviews, I’ve just had an interview published by the admirable Futile Position where FP’s estimable Michael was good enough to pose me a few questions.

So head on over to their John Houlihan Q&A page where I have a chat about all things Trellborg, including how the idea for the novella and game design originally came about, the balance between tone and dread in horror writing and even some exclusive news on the future of Seraph and what happens next for the character and the series.

Michael was extremely kind enough to say of the Q&A “It’s really a spectacular read and I can’t encourage you enough to do so,” which is extremely kind.

But don’t take his word for it, head on over to Futile Position and find out for yourself.

Oh and while you’re there, be sure to check out some of FP’s other great content including their series of advice for GMs and some splendid interviews with other game designers like Ben Robbins and Brian Engard.

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