Dark Tales Panel – Dragonmeet 2014

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Phew, well now that the roistering and gorging season is over, the cheese mountain has become a cheese molehill, elasticated waistbands are taking up the slack and the liver has departed for a short sabbatical, it’s time to turn thoughts to a new year and indeed, some new fear.

Step forward then, an audio recording or Podcast (as I believe the kids call them nowadays) taken at the tail end of 2014 at the splendid RPG convention Dragonmeet. It features the first set of readings from Dark Tales from the Secret War, the omnibus of short stories I’m editing for Modiphius’ Achtung! Cthulhu.

Inside, six esteemed contributing authors including David J Rodger, Jonnie Bryant, Paul Cunliffe, Martin Korda, Jake Webb and my own good self are discovered reciting and declaiming for your aural pleasure, full details of which you can see on the track listing below.

This is followed post-haste, by a learned and earnest discussion on the challenges of writing in a Lovecraftian universe, inspirations, how to approach character and storyline, a Lovecraftian authorial toolset and a whole host of goodies sure to appeal to the modern horror reader and writer. Plus a few Chulhu-esque in-gags thrown in for good measure.

Pretty much essential reading if you’re a Cthulhu fan and even more so if you would like a small taster of the full volume which is being released this year (more details here). But for the moment, sit back, light a pipe and enjoy this initial selection of Dark Tales from the Secret War.

00:00 Introduction: John Houlihan
02.08 David J Rodger – Shadow of the Black Sun
09:00 Jonnie Bryant – Der Alptraum
14:32 Paul Cunliffe – Hess, Mr Buckle and the Book
21:00 Martin Korda – Terror of Tribec
25:34 Jake Webb – The Curse of Cthulhu
31: 05 John Houlihan – Servant of the Dark
36:03 – Roundtable discussion and Q&A

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