A!C – Dark Tales from the Secret War

Well my drive to post more regularly didn’t last long, but the path to hell is paved with good intentions and all that. Still, two posts in under 20 days is upping the old batting average considerably, so you can’t complain – this is practically prolific by mine own (admittedly) shoddy standards.

But I haven’t just been idling the time away, the game’s afoot with a brand new Seraph story (the fourth of his name) and 10k’s worth of the words have already found their way onto the page (damn this was supposed to be a short story and already it’s looking like another novella).

It’s set in the near-ish future in a world – and more specifically – a Britain flooded by a combination of our own folly and the Deep One’s machinations .

The appearance of a mysterious island off the coast of Wales seems to signify a defining moment in the bitter ongoing struggle between humans and the sea demons, but does this mean a temporary respite or the beginning of a crucial new phase of the ongoing war?

And what does the sudden appearance of the legendary White Witchman mean for a beleaguered militia patrol?

Strangely, I’ve been struggling with the title, which is one of the first things to come usually, and it’s labouring under the rather unsatisfying designation of ‘Swim with the Fishes’. Not really convinced by that and I hope a better alternative emerges during the writing of …

Elsewhere, exciting news for A!C fiction generally as the first short story compilation Achtung! Cthulhu: Dark Tales From the Secret War is underway and I (for the sin of suggesting it) am delighted to say I’m going to be editing it.

Huzzah. Some big plans afoot including a chance for any fans and aspiring scribes who are interested to take part by submitting stories by way of a competition.

Details on that to follow. It’s so challenging to get something published nowadays so I’m very happy to be able to offer aspiring writers the chance to not only take part, but get paid for their trouble. That first cash-money cheque is such a boost and seeing your name on that cover does wonders for the old self belief. It’s all still in the planning phase but coming to fruition so my best advice is ‘watch zis space’.

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