The laziness of the long distance writer

‘Things have been quiet …too quiet dammit.’ It’s been little while since I updated this thing and to be honest, I really should have paid a bit more attention. I was hoping to do daily updates, but in retrospect perhaps that was always a bit ambitious.

But there you go: to be fair, circumstances have somewhat conspired against me. It’s been about a month since I finished the first draft of Tomb of the Aeons, but the intervening time has seen the start of the Ashes, a decent run of weather (finally) and a shit-ton of stuff happening at (wage slave) work.

Not that I’ve been totally indolent in the meantime though, as I’ve gone back to having a crack at A Late Flowering Deity, a sci-fi novel which I’ve had kicking around for about four years. It’s about 95% complete now and on re-reading, a touch more promising than I thought. Just writing the climactic scene now (which is always the fun part), so hope to have that polished off soon-ish.

Elsewhere, yesterday England retained the Ashes in the most lacklustre way imaginable and I kind of wish I was around to see how the fourth Test at Chester-Le-Street turns out.

But that’s not possible as a road trip to Espana via la belle France beckons. Fromage will be eaten (and played no doubt) vin will be drunk and my pallid flesh will get a sunny airing. So hurrah. Then it’s back for a brief sojourn at the salt mines before a certain bijou festival at the end of the month.

In short, batteries will be recharged so there’s unlikely to be any work/updates for a little while.

I’m sure we’ll all survive.

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