#22 You have a new message…

“It is you who create our heart of darkness. You with your unquenchable thirst for the new black gold. You with your LOLs, your Facebook updates, your petty Twitterings, the empty all-consuming social media addiction which passes for your lives.

“There is no connected world here, no network, just the tears of our brutalised women and the silence of our dead children. ‘Never again’ you said, but Africa is not Europe and our untold millions never part of that equation.

“Resource cursed, our wealth has become our bane and I should hate you for what you have done to my country, my people, my beloved Kivu. Yet instead I pity you, for the stain of your crime can never be washed away, only atoned for.

“Act now, otherwise this is truly what you will have brought out of Africa.”

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