#20 Lifescore

Wake (+5) bolt breakfast (+5 indigestion), delays into Euston (+20 frustration +10 rage) but make office in nick of time (+5 work kudos). Light flirting with canteen girl (+10 self image), chug five cups of strong coffee (+4 motivation +4 gibbering +2 paranoia).

Plough through latest round of witless emails and dull memos (-20 motivation) but organise minions successfully and bribe with cake (+20 minion standing). Heated encounter with twat boss ends in furious shouting match (-20 career development, +10 personal satisfaction, +20 homicidal intentions).

Post-work extended drinks with lads (-60 sobriety, +20 camaraderie) results in unexpected but welcome sex with random attractive lovely (+50 serotonin boost, +30 ego, -10cc seminal fluid, +10 STI vulnerability). Blissful post-coital unconsciousness sets in (+20 rest & recuperation, +40 freaky dreams +5 dribbling into pillow).

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