“Carers” reading at Virtual Futures: Near Future Fictions volume 3

I’m really delighted to have been invited to read my new short story “Carers” at Virtual Futures: Near Future Fictions volume 3 at the Lights of Soho on Tuesday 2nd May, from 7pm onwards. Looks some pretty august company too, so I’ll have to be on my mettle. It should be a really fascinating experience, examining how people will deal with a world that is increasingly automated. The stories will examine the theme of Asimov’s three laws of robotics and how they’ll be applied and tested (sometimes to destruction), by interaction with our robotic servants and possibly overlords. Hope to see you there!

Here the info on the event, which you can book for £5 through Evenbrite.

Virtual Futures: Near Future Fictions Volume 3
Virtual Futures continues its mission to to reassert the significance of science fiction as a tool for navigating the increasing technologization of society and culture.

Join us for an evening that incorporates original reading, performance and live art to explore the possible consequences of the latest scientific developments. Together we will question what it means to be human in the 21st Century.

This month’s theme: ‘Laws Don’t Apply’
Our authors will present stories that explore, explode or exemplify Isaac Asimov’s fundamental laws of robotics: 1) Thou, Robot, shalt not injure a human being or let one come to harm, 2) Thou, Robot, shalt obey all orders lest they conflict with the above law, and 3) Thou, Robot, must protect thine own existence lest this compromises the first two laws. They will take us on uncomfortable ethical journeys that leave us questioning whether Asimov’s commandments were adequate, overly simplistic, or perhaps even inimical to their own sentiment.

Virtual Futures has a long history of hosting a range of renowned fiction authors including Alan Moore (Author of Watchmen, V for Vendetta), Pat Cadigan (Queen of Cyberpunk and the Author of Synners and Fools), Arthur & Marilouise Kroker (Editors of CTHEORY), Hari Kunzru (Author of Transmissions), James Flint (Author of The Book of Ash), Rachel Armstrong (Author of The Gray’s Anatomy), Gwyneth Jones (Author of Bold As Love) and O(rphan)d(rift>).

Authors & Contributors
John Houlihan
L.P. Lee, Science Fiction Author
Stephen Oram, Science Fiction Author
Jule Owen, Science Fiction Author & Technology Consultant
Daniel Sainty, Science Fiction Author
Britta Friederike Schulte, PhD Computer Science, University College London
A. Umbra, Unknown
(Listed in alphabetical order by last name.)

About the Venue
The Lights of Soho, London’s newest art gallery and member’s lounge, is now open, operating as a cultural hub for Soho’s creative community and the global home of creative neon and light art formats. Find out more: http://lightsofsoho.com

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